Nina + Jappy : New York City Engagement Session

Nina + Jappy got in touch with us after seeing Lauren Ann + Pete’s NYC Engagement Session… they loved it so much they booked us straight away… from the Philippines. They were recently engaged and planning a pre-honeymoon by taking a 5 week vacation to the United States.  And the choose us to shoot their engagement photographs here.  So HONORED. Seriously.

We were able to meet up with them quickly about 10 days before the shoot.  We were down in the Financial District for a workshop, and they were doing some sightseeing that same day before they took off for Chicago to see Nina’s relatives for a week before coming back to NY for our shoot… well, and you know, more family here.

On shoot day, we met up with them on 42nd and Madison and walked over to Bryant Park.  We started out easy.  Walking, talking.

New York City Engagement PhotographerStop to get some ice cream…  (Hey, there is my assistant Eli, poking his head in my shot behind Nina!)New York City Engagement Photographer

Have a seat on the side of NYC Public Library to enjoy it…

They’re both just adorable, aren’t they?

New York City Engagement Photographer

Alright, rounding the corner into the park, it was time to bring the heat.  Show them what we’re made of you know.  Make sure they know that they picked the right photographers from half the world away…

New York City Engagement Photographer

Oh, the Bryant Park Carousel.  So cute!  (Not our proudest moment, but we avoided park security as they were asking for a permit by pointing out a large wedding party they would much rather hassle… SORRY!)

New York City Engagement Photographer

Back ’round to the Public Library.  How can you not love the architecture??? Never seen it so good anywhere else.
New York City Engagement Photographer

And of course, we have to make sure we let me people know that spring is here!  Those let those bare trees fool ya!  It was a nice 65 degrees on this day.

New York City Engagement Photographer

Ok, we’ve shown them our stuff… now it was time for them to show us theirs… how fearless are they?  Fearless enough to trust us that the NYC Cabbies wouldn’t hit them as they streak by around them.  Loving the commitment!

New York City Engagement Photographer

And more of the hustle and bustle of the city inside Grand Central.  (That blur with the yellow scarf is our awesome make-up-artist, Ms. Tiffany Hall Scarmana!)

New York City Engagement Photographer

Starting to wind down we head into the Subway to catch the train up town.  Doin’ a little somethin’ somethin’ when they don’t think I’m watching.  Oh, but I am!

New York City Engagement Photographer

This one just hit me… I don’t normally get into flowers too much for engagement shoots, but I think I might be singing a new tune after our outrageous winter here in Connecticut. So happy to see the bloomage.  I do love the way the orange is reflected in the platinum.  Yum.  (I gotta love that Zeiss 25mm Prime.)

New York City Engagement Photographer

Some gorgeous dogwoods were some of the only blossoming trees in Central Park this early in the Spring… so we use what we can.  And they were gorgeous… I mean Nina + Jappy and the trees!

New York City Engagement Photographer

So Stoic (that’s what I said to Jappy… be stoic… that’s my new word for guys.)  And so gosh-darn pretty Nina!  Wow, Jappy is one lucky man.

New York City Engagement Photographer

Well after a LONG day, our light was fading fast and I just had to get this one in!  Nothing like pushing the limits and pulling out something amazing.

New York City Engagement Photographer It was a great, great honor to be able to spend the day with you both!  I can’t say it enough.  I’ll definitely be looking you guys up when we take a trip to the Philippines. Thank you so much!

Crew Call:

Make-Up: TIffany Hall Scarmana
Assistants: Bart Nationewski & Eli Santiago


  1. Kris & Tiff what a great combination of rockin talent, gorgeous images, and such a beautiful and happy couple! The movement and energy in the images really brings out their energy!

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